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  1. A military colloquial name for a sergeant.


colloquial form of sergeant

Usage notes

Like mom, dad, or doctor, Sarge can function either as a title, a simple shortening of "sergeant," or a substitute name for the bearer of that title. Ex: Sarge, a character from the American comic strip Beetle Bailey

Extensive Definition

Sarge may refer to:
  • Sergeant, a military or police rank. Often shortened and used a term of endearment used out of familiarity. Sometimes heard as "Big Sarge", a further term of affection and endearment
  • The 3.1 release of the Debian Linux distribution, codenamed sarge
  • Sarge (band), an indie rock band from Champaign, Illinois (USA)
  • Sarge (Toy Story), a fictional film character
  • Sarge (Cars), a character in the Pixar film
  • Sarge (Red vs. Blue), a fictional machinima character
  • Sarge, a fictional character in the Doom 3 video game and Doom film
  • Gary "Sarge" Matthews, a former Major League Baseball player
  • Sarge, a fictional character in the video game Portal Runner
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

NCO, acting corporal, acting sergeant, centurion, chief warrant officer, color sergeant, corporal, first sergeant, havildar, lance corporal, lance sergeant, master sergeant, mess sergeant, naik, noncom, noncommissioned officer, platoon sergeant, sergeant, sergeant first class, sergeant major, staff sergeant, technical sergeant, top sergeant, topkick, warrant officer
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